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Damara Môn

Full Hoggett box

Full Hoggett box

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Leg Cuts
Cutlet Chops or Racks
Our hoggets are around 16 months with a distinctive stronger flavour than our lamb meat. The carcasses are heavier with a bigger frame meaning more meat will be in your box.
Damara sheep on Anglesey.
Originating from the Middle-East, these quality sheep, bring a leaner taste of lamb to the UK for the first time! 

Demand for a unique tasting meat which is traditionally used in Arabic Cuisine has increased in the UK and so a select number of farmers here on Anglesey in North Wales have come together in a breeding project to bring this quality meat to your door!

The Damara lambs provide a sweet, tender meat with more outer fat and less, leaner inner meat, ideal for slow cooking and aromatic flavours.

Despite its name, this Fat-Tail meat is low in saturated fats and offers extra health benefits such as higher levels of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acid ratio.

Cuts of meat

-Leg or half legs

-Mince made from breast and neck

-Loin chops

-Cutlet chops or rack

-Shoulder or half shoulders

Expected delivery time

The meat will be hung for 5 days then cut and packaged. The packages will be taken to the courier in the first week of the month and you will receive your parcel the next day.

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  • Quality Packaging

    We work with a local, approved slaughter house who also package our boxes to keep the meat at a safe storage temperature while it is being delivered safely to you by our trusted couriers.

  • Free UK Mainland Delivery

    Please email us directly if you are outside of UK mainland and we can discuss price of delivery